I’m using IBM Greenhouse now for a while and my company is also thinking of introducing IBM Connections as an internal information and social platform for project collaboration and knowledge sharing.

The one missing capability is to synchronize files offline on desktops, laptops and even mobile devices. That’s where Lialis is coming into the play. This IBM Business Partner offers a WebDAV interface for IBM Greenhouse/IBM Connections that can be used with a lot of WebDAV clients on different devices http://www.lialis.com.

I’ve tested it for a while and it closes really the gap. Well done, Lialis. It’s quite simple when using Greenhouse, just installing one of these clients below and use it. Same when you’re using Lialis WebDAV inhouse (it’s of course some admin work of your IT staff necessary before).

Device – App Instructions Details:
iPad – Notability Click here Take notes and share them directly with your team members in IBM Connections or IBM Quickr.
iPad – GoodReader Click here Synchronize all files, IBM Quickr places and or IBM Connections communities with GoodReader for offline usage
iPad – Pages Click here Access, create and or modify files with this Word processor and place them directly into IBM Connections or IBM Quickr
iPad – Documents Click here Access, create and modify files with this Text editor/reader and upload them directly into IBM Connections or IBM Quickr
Windows/Mac – WebDrive Click here Deliver the files stored in IBM Connections or Lotus Quickr to the users computers via a network drive (Mac supported as well).
Android – FolderSync Click here Access, modify and or create files with Android FolderSync and place them with directly into IBM Quickr or IBM Connections
Mac – ForkLift Click here With WebDAV it is possible to access and modify files in IBM Connections and or IBM Quickr with a Mac

And .. today starts a contest to win an iPad mini when trying out the software for paperless meetings! Check it out under http://www.lialis.com/lotussolutionprovider.nsf/pages/competition.

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  1. Kim van den Berg says:

    Thank you very much for your positive feedback! Hope you enjoy the iPad Mini you have won with trasferring 4700GB! Great job :) Best regards, Kim van den Berg

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