.. is to make live music. A half year ago I joined a cover rock band after 5 years of abstinence from playin’ guitar. For all those that are interested in you may have a look at http://www.just-like-that.de.

We also tried to record some practice room sessions, one of these I posted here and being curious to get some feedback (about the music itself and also about recording quality). I’m using now an Alesis Multimix 16 Firewire http://www.alesis.com/multimix16firewire and PreSonus StudioOne Artist (a brand new, impressing recording software) http://www.presonus.com/products/SoftwareDetail.aspx?SoftwareId=11. From my point of view it’s a really low cost and high quality option to record practice and live sessions. Finally I paid 299 € for the Alesis on eBay, PreSonus StudioOne was an add-on to another gear (normally 188 €) and .. don’t forget the cables wherefore I paid 200 € overall (custom made by myself ;-) ).

So please .. have a look and watch the recording .. looking forward to your feedback ..


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