Extending HUMAX iCord – part 2

The main problem of the first shot was that there’s still included commercial software in the patch (BROADCOM driver). So far the next evolution was to create a patch for the iCord that doesn’t contain ANY commercial parts.

Some weeks ago I’ve become a member of the development team at http://www.icordforum.com. This is a non commercial community of people for answering questions around HUMAX settop boxes, especially iCord HD. The other objective is to develop valuable extensions for the iCord HD (without legal issues).

Yesterday we finished the first firmware patch for iCord HD that does NOT contain any protected code and components. The main capabilities of this patch are

  • Web UI for administration purposes
  • Telnet access
  • SSH access
  • FTP access for all directories
  • Samba access

Under the cover we’re using ipkg package management system to be able installing further extensions. All common functionality is still available of course. As I mentioned, the patch doesn’t contain any proprietary HUMAX od BROADCOM code.

The development team doesn’t take responsibility for any damage on your iCord.

You may download the patch under http://www.icordforum.com/index.php?page=DownloadDBData&dataID=236, prior you need to register. One hint .. the icordforum.com has an area for English speaking people too. The patch contains a readme.txt with installation instructions, I’ve translated these for non German speaking people.

  • Copy hdpvr.hmx and kernel17.tar to an USB stick
  • Plug in the USB stick into iCord HD
  • Switch off iCord HD and switch on with pressed “Record” key
  • The hdpvr.hmx will be recognized and written into iCord’s flash memory
  • After the reboot message switch off and on again, keep USB stick plugged in!
  • iCord will boot normally with TV on screen, the patch will be executed in background (app. 5 minutes) depending on the file kernel17.tar on the USB stick
  • After patch exexcution the original kernel will be rewritten automatically into iCord’s flash
  • The iCord will restart automatically after patch execution

You should now be able to reach the iCord Web UI with http://<ip-address>.

User: root
Pass: icordHD

The password is always the same for all services.

We added a feature to install TWONKYMEDIA server with an install button. As almost 80% have a fix IP address configured for their iCord it’s neccessary to add the gateway and DNS manually due to a minor bug in iCord’s network configuration. Open the file /etc/opt/network.conf (e.g. with FTP) and enter your network gateway and DNS server. Below you can find mine ..

[code]# Config file for setup of DNS and default Gateway (Router)
# DHCP user don’t need it!
# Please add IP Addresses of your Router and DNS Server.
# example:
# DNS=



Please refer with all questions to icordforum.com, I’m a member there and will respond together with other people.

2 thoughts on “Extending HUMAX iCord – part 2”

  1. Hello Catshout,

    I installed the software on my spare iCord and everything worked as advertised. Bravo. Indeed an important next step in the development of a more usable iCord.

    I also am a frequent user of TV-Browser a multiplatform (Windows, Mac, and Linux since written in Java) TV Listing browser. It servers me well in looking at what’s on, especially on UK television (BBC, ITV etc, all FTA).
    I consider this a very nice frontend to program a PVR remotely and would like to see in being able to support the iCord. The steps you made available bring this a lot closer.

    Maybe see you at the icordforum.

  2. I found that between the first and this second patch root’s home dir changed from /mnt/hd1/root to /media.
    This is Ok as a default as it will bring most users directly to the directories they want under media, but the /media dir is recreated each time the system boots and thus looses root’s private stuff such ass the .ssh subdir.
    This is a small annoyance if one would like to use ssh with key based authentication.


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